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At Nit Free Noggins we provide non chemical head lice treatment for residents in Palatine and throughout the Chicago area. If you are a parent in the Windy city with a child suffering from head lice, we invite you to learn more about our safe head lice solutions today! We understand the frustration you face when your child has an infestation, not to mention the itching and embarrassment your child faces.

Natural lice removal has become more popular than ever before as parents search for a way to get rid of head lice that doesn't involve products containing pesticides or dangerous chemicals. When you come into our head lice clinic, you will find the atmosphere one that is relaxing and comfortable. While our professional technicians provide a one treatment lice solution you can trust, you can rest assured the process is painless and safe. You will also love the fact that in a single visit, your child can be free of those itching, pesky bugs for good. We recommend the use of our products to follow up and prevent future infestations.

Children are constantly in situations where they are amidst other children whether at school, daycare, camp, even at sports practice or other school activities. This creates the ideal environment for head lice to spread, but fortunately there are preventive measures you can take to avoid additional infestations through our head lice shampoo and other products containing natural ingredients.

Why use OTC products that may contain pesticides and are not guaranteed to work? At Nit Free Noggins, we invite those in Palatine and throughout the Chicagoland area to learn more about our safe head lice removal options today. When it comes to your child and lice solutions, only the best will do!